We’re backing Sandown

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How we're helping

We are a community based organisation which focuses on making Sandown a better and happier place to live or visit. Our committee and members work tirelessly in conjunction with our councils, local businesses and other organisations to try to achieve both short and long-term objectives.

Get involved

We are always looking for volunteers and new ideas to help us make our vision a reality. Join us today if you qualify for membership, if not why not follow us on Facebook? We are excited to have you on the team!

Thank you

Whether you help us through monetary donations, volunteering, or spreading news about us and membership, thank you. We could not achieve much without your support.

Sandown Community Association

We’re backing Sandown.

Sandown Community Association is a not-for-profit and non-political group supporting the local residents and businesses of Sandown.

Our purpose is the regeneration of Sandown through community events and Projects. We hope to brighten spaces and encourage a sense of community and prosperity.

We hold open and transparent meetings in the community to engage, share and plan new projects and events.

Membership is free. 

Email: sandownca@gmail.com

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm

We’re backing Sandown

Tel: 01983 472923

33 St Johns Road, Sandown. Isle of Wight

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